Assisted Living Regulatory References

ALRR offers classes, certifications, and up-to-date information 
for the Assisted Living industry in the State of Texas.

Assisted Living Regulatory References was established by Jeanoyce Wilson in April 2004, following her retirement from Texas State government.  ALRR’s first classes included only Session I, the assisted living licensing regulations. At the request of providers in the state, the following year, Jeanoyce added Session II to  the curriculum.  With the addition of two former assisted  living providers to the staff, Session II has become a “dynamite” seminar filled with helpful hints on facility operations.

Prior to her retirement from State government, Jeanoyce wrote most of Texas’s assisted living regulations, and was considered Texas’s leading assisted living and adult day care expert.  She provided training to State surveyors, government officials, attorneys, providers and advocates and she served as a member of the State-mandated Assisted Living Advisory Committee.  Twenty-six years of experience in overseeing long-term care statewide has given Jeanoyce an indispensable background for teaching providers, consumers, and advocates exactly what those State regulations require.  With Jeanoyce’s extensive knowledge of rules, laws, and regulations, it only made sense for her to continue teaching!

Jeanoyce  continues to review  proposed  legislation that may have an impact on the industry. She reviews proposed rule changes, serves on statewide stakeholder work groups, and attends meetings where proposed regulatory  changes are presented. That enables her  to  share proposed changes with her class attendees prior to implementation of those changes. If you want to know what’s on  the  horizon for assisted living providers and the  industry, attend one of  the seminars or give  her a call! Jeanoyce has the most up-to-date information.