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Completion of Session I and Session II meets the State's requirement for a 24-hour certification course for assisted living managers. Completion of the two sessions designates the manager as a "Certified Assisted Living Manager (CALM)."

If you need the State's 24-hour certification, you will not register for "Session-CE."]

Session-CE (continuing education session) meets the State's requirement for 12 hours of annual continuing education training.

Session I -- 8-hour training on the Texas licensing standards.  This course includes updates and proposed changes to the licensing standards.  Legislative changes are also covered.

Session II -- 16-hour training on management of assisted living facilities.  This course covers the State's required content for management training.  Training topics include:  resident characteristics (including dementia), resident assessment and skills working with residents; basic principles of management; food and nutrition services; federal laws, with an emphasis on the Americans with Disabilities Act's accessibility requirements; community resources; ethics, and financial management.

Session-CE (continuing education session) -- 12-hour continuing education seminar.  Managers who only need the annual 12 hours of continuing education should attend Session-CE.  Session-CE includes the 8-hour regulations class (Session I) and four hours from Session II (the management course).  Combining the eight-hour course and attending from 8 a.m. until 12 noon the following day  gives managers the 12 hours of continuing education they need to satisfy the State's annual requirement.  In addition to reviewing the licensing standards, hearing about updates and legislative changes, topics may include: emergency preparedness, resident characteristics, Alzheimer's disease, managing disruptive behavior, marketing tips, and abuse/neglect/exploitation.

Certificates are presented at the completion of the training.  The certificate clearly states the topics that were covered, and shows that the State's training requirements were completed.

Training is produced and provided by Assisted Living Regulatory References, Inc., (ALRR, Inc.) a Texas assisted living corporation.

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